Full Service IT Consultancy

We specialize in different technologies where every specialisation has its own team to make sure we are always on top of the latest trends and features. Our IT consultants are well trained and always up to date due to our extensive education benefits.

JavaScript Consultancy

Talentoso is committed to JavaScript as a technology, and we're leaders in our field. We take pride in our ability to jump into large, complex JavaScript codebases and become productive quickly - we'll help your company get the most out of JavaScript.

.NET Consultancy

Trusted by Microsoft and awarded as Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP), our experienced .NET developers can tackle any project whether you need us for your Cross-Platform needs, Microservices or get the most out of your applications. We can help.

JAVA Consultancy

With the “write once, run anywhere” mantra of Java, the popular programming language isn’t slowing, and neither are we. Our Java consulting practice continues to grow, as do our customers. From custom development of Java applications to auditing and troubleshooting to mentoring and staff augmentation.

Cloud Specialists

Our team of talented and highly certified consultants helps clients in the public and private sectors to build secure cloud platforms, optimize application performance, use data to improve critical decision-making, enhance mobility and collaboration, and ensure better service delivery.