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Let's get away from this infamous and inefficient war for talent. Talentoso has been created to bring skilled, hard-working IT developers from Brazil to Europe. We're here to work for you until your vacancy is filled, helping you to attract, develop, and retain the perfect person you've been seeking.

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Let's find your candidate in just 10 steps:

Finding your ideal IT developer is a task we don’t take lightly. That’s why we developed a 10-step approach that will help you find the candidate your company needs.
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We will schedule a meeting with you and your team to get started on the paperwork (such as the service agreement between Talentoso and you, the client) before beginning the recruiting process itself.



We invite you for a meeting where we will discuss the cultural and technical needs of your company. At Talentoso we aim to find you the best of the best. Therefore we want to make sure we completely understand your needs and be aware of the company's culture.


Search and ​selection

We start looking for profiles in Brazil based on our previous meeting(s). We carefully screen and select the profiles we think might be a good fit. All applicants are pre-screened by us on both cultural fits, technical fit, English level, and motivation.

We believe that every search is unique, so we don't have a database, please allow us a week or two to find you a first great candidate.



Once we got our hand-picked top profiles ready, we'll send it over with all the notations we took during our interviews. The presentation comes with a Talentoso CV, an in-detail summary of the candidate's highlights, skills, education, and all additional information you need to know.

Not the profile you are looking for? Please give us a heads-up so we can adapt our screening process based on your feedback.


Job interview

We organize video interviews with your preferred candidates, using Skype, Hangouts, or the client's preferred software. At this stage, we recommended that the client reaches out to the candidate as it's a bit more personal.

It's up to the client to do the second technical screening according to the company's needs. The client may introduce as many hiring steps as they want. (technical tests, references)


Personal Talks (optional)

A face-to-face meeting with the final candidate can be arranged in Europe or South America. This step is optional.



Once an offer is on the table, Talentoso will guide the candidate in terms of relocation costs, costs of living, healthcare, taxations systems. We make sure that the candidate who will be joining your company has all the information he/she needs to be able to move forward.

We will review the offer together with the candidate to make sure the offer is worth making the big step.


Visa application

If required, we will provide expert guidance to assist you and your new employee through the visa application process. We are always up to date on the latest guidelines for hiring talent abroad.



We will be on hand to provide your new employee with advice and practical assistance when they relocate from Brazil. Optionally we can arrange their first month’s accommodation, to ensure a smooth transition.


Follow up

During the first six months of the new job, we liaise with the new employee and offer guidance on social integration to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this new source of candidates?

Our talented IT developers are located in Brazil, a country that has rapidly changed into a highly developed services economy. Brazilian people are used to high standards and friendliness in their professional environments. Often, highly-qualified developers are looking to relocate to broaden their experience, and they are keen to accept new challenges.

Are these IT developers capable?

Advanced schooling in Brazil is at a level that would beat the European average. The country has several specialized high schools and universities where IT courses are run according to the highest standards and using the latest technologies. Moreover, all our developers have a bachelor or master’s degree, further attesting to their capabilities.

Will they have sufficient experience?

Most of the Fortune 500 companies are actively present in Brazil. The country has quite a few corporations of its own. Many American companies outsource their IT services to South America, and the number of Brazilian IT startups is growing. All this together has created a large pool of experienced IT specialists.

What languages do the candidates speak?

The English proficiency of the candidates is tested thoroughly. They have to demonstrate they can engage in fluent professional conversations, send correct emails, and chat informally with colleagues and customers. Candidates are not expected to have knowledge of languages other than English, and Portuguese of course, but they can learn others on their own initiative. We always try to encourage the candidates to learn the language in the country of their employer.

Should I offer a standard work contract?

Candidates can only apply for a visa once they have signed a standard work contract that earns them a minimum amount gross per year. This amount varies from country to country within the EU. We're happy to inform you of the minimum requirements, depending on which country you're hiring from.

Do I have to take care of the visa application?

As a third party, we're not eligible to apply for the visa ourselves. The employer must request a work permit from the government. Candidates can apply for a visa in Brazil based on the work permit. Although we cannot initiate this process, we will monitor it very carefully and provide you with the necessary advice and documentation.

What if a visa application is refused?

Visas are usually approved within six to eight weeks, depending on the country you're hiring in. We follow-up carefully to make sure all the files are submitted correctly, to avoid a negative result. In the exceptional case of a refusal, we're happy to either give you a full refund of the hiring fee or find you another candidate (depending on the reason for rejection).

What happens to their family?

Most people will bring over their partner and children. They can then settle into a new life in Europe together, sending their children to a nearby school, finding a job for their spouse and integrating more closely into the community. Not only do we help individuals to settle into their new life abroad, but we also do our best to help the families to integrate. As a minimum, we offer a six months follow-up with the candidate to make sure the candidate has the necessary information needed to integrate and is able to transfer his/her family and belongings.


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