Design Sprint Workshop

Usually, it takes months in companies to go from an idea to an actual product – without even having it tested. With the design sprints that we organize at Talentoso, you succeed in quickly solving fundamental issues within your company in less than a week – and have it tested with users and/or customers.

Does the step to a full workshop seem too big? Then be sure to also inquire about our ‘Design Rumbles’ in which we work with the same principles and techniques for half a day.


Strategy & understanding

On the first day, we’ll look at the long term vision, goals, and strategies. We map out the stakeholders and their journey and discuss what issue we are going to solve in the next few days. We have talks with experts in the company to get a deep understanding.


Inspiration & ideation

The second day is all about inspiration and getting ideas. We have demo sessions, look at the competition and market and do some exercises to generate ideas ourselves.


Making a decision

We choose the best ideas from the second day and make a storyboard for the prototype that we’ll create the next day.


Creating a protype

We’ll make an interactive prototype in that will be used in the user testing session on the final day of the design sprint.


Testing with real users

We test our prototype with real users to get immediate and valuable feedback. This way we can discover what the general feeling is about our solution, find out what is working well and what needs further improvements.