User experience audit

Our experts take a look at your website or product to discover bottlenecks and check the status of user flows, content, usability… In the report that you?ll receive, we give an overview of the current state and action points for improvements.

UX audit: what is it?

Audits are more than just bulleted lists of issues with functionalities or navigation – it’s a deep dive in potential flaws in the user journey. It provides an opportunity for increased conversion and engagement.

With this in mind, the UX audit shouldn’t be thought of as a static report but as actionable insights. We guide you through what works well and what doesn’t from the user’s point of view.


The audit is meant for founders, product owners, and product teams to see their product with a fresh set of eyes on the following items:

  • Understand your business
  • Screen analysis
  • Identify UX flaws
  • Quick wins
  • User testing suggestions
  • Recommendations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Wireframe concepts
  • UX mentoring

This way, we can check whether marketing goals are being achieved, and the website responds to the expected behavior of the visitors. We also look if visitors can find their way and reach their goals. We determine which elements disturb the visitor and offer improvement to optimize the user experience further.