Do you know what really matters when hiring a new employee?

Do you know what really matters when hiring a new employee?

The answer to this question is a truly valuable tool when selecting ? and keeping ? the best candidates for your business. After many years of research, HR specialists have come up with a list of values that you should take into account when choosing someone to be part of your company.

This list applies to any kind of business or company but of course Talentoso is concerned with recruiting and retaining top-class IT staff. Here?s what we are looking for:

Good communication skills

You?ll often use the term ?requires excellent written and verbal communication? in the person spec for a vacant role. As an employer, you?ll value colleagues who know how to express themselves clearly and accurately, whether in writing or when speaking to others ? and for good reason.

When we pre-qualify Talentoso candidates for IT vacancies ? especially those for whom Portuguese is their first language ? we ensure that they have a good vocabulary with excellent conversational skills, as well as a sound knowledge of all the necessary technical jargon for the role. It?s critical for health and safety, as well as efficient working within their teams that they understand and can be understood.

Once employed, we recommend encouraging staff to:

  • Expand their vocabulary
  • Improve their diction
  • Stay tuned in to a general conversation, in order to pick up key phrases and expressions
  • Remember that written and verbal communication skills give an impression of how effective you are as a colleague and team member ? even to those in other businesses, who you don?t actually see.
    A strong work ethic

At Talentoso, we?re looking to recruit potential employees on your behalf who are committed to their work and to company policies. They should be prepared to finish the tasks assigned to them, even when the degree of difficulty is great or it means working longer. Of course, that doesn?t mean exploiting their goodwill!

Honesty and Integrity

This follows naturally from a candidate?s work ethic. A loyal employee will be well rewarded for their work and won?t attempt to benefit personally in other ways. Managers will be able to trust them, even when they aren?t being supervised and in turn, they will prioritize the company?s interests.

Good timekeeping

Punctuality is particularly important in customer-facing roles but in any organisation, good team working relies on everyone pulling their weight and contributing as agreed. The ability to be flexible and adapt to project schedules and timings makes an employer particularly valuable, and this is something an employer can manage through rewards and incentives.


Analytical ability and problem-solving are key skills for IT workers and ones that are relatively easily assessed at the recruitment stage. We are more likely to be interested in candidates who demonstrate that they are creative. Some employees stick to tried and tested ways of solving problems because they are afraid of failing, whereas a new approach might save time and money in the future. The most creative workers aren?t afraid to step outside their comfort zone, avoid stagnation and explore other options.

Team working

The person specification for every new job says that the candidate should be ?a team player? ? but what does that really mean and how does it benefit you? When working as part of a team, the good team player won?t be the loudest person in the room ? they should be spending a good proportion of their time just listening to other group members. Having evaluated their options, they will share their own opinions and interact with their colleagues to arrive at the best solution to the problem ? not just their preferred way. A candidate?s ability to work as part of a team can be measured on pre-employment assessment days or by references from previous team members; either from their managers or 360-degree feedback from colleagues.


It?s possible to discover a lot about someone just by interviewing them: do they speak badly about their former employer, their conditions of work or their colleagues? Candidates should respect confidentiality and not discuss work-related matters outside the company. There?s an expression, ?walls have ears?, meaning beware of eavesdroppers. Workers might feel confident to discuss work with their partner but who knows who else is listening in? It could be that someone overhears and that they or their contacts are in a competitor business ? nowadays news spreads very fast.

Hiring the right staff the first time

It can be hard to assess and measure desirable personality traits before signing up new employees, but it is worth looking at these aspects closely. After all, the aim is to recruit new team members who will be valued, want to contribute meaningfully to your organization and stay with you in the longer term. If in doubt, seek advice from Talentoso, the experienced recruitment advisers. We?re always happy to help.

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