Three reasons a good cultural fit matters when hiring

Three reasons a good cultural fit matters when hiring

You wouldn?t buy a shirt without trying it on to see if it fits. What looks good on the rack might not look good on you. So shouldn?t you check the fit when hiring a new employee? A candidate?s CV can look good on paper, they might well have all the right skills for the job, but he or she might not fit in with the rest of the company. As hiring is an expensive investment, you want to hire the right person. And that person is someone who fits in with your company?s culture.

A company?s culture can be defined as the collection of values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that are shared by employees. Having a fit with that culture means that new hires have a similar outlook and values and that they work comfortably within the company?s environment. Fit?s important to look at their personality too; for example, an open-plan office helps extroverts thrive, but it may be less suited to introverted people.

Happy employees

The number one reason for making sure there?s a cultural fit is that your new employees will be much happier working for you. This is important because we spend a big proportion of our lives at work. Employees that are in an environment that suits them are more confident in their work, feel they can perform their job to the best of their ability and enjoy more job satisfaction. From the company?s perspective, they are also likely to be more productive. One unhappy employee can alter the balance of happiness within the work environment, so it?s worthwhile ensuring that your new hire will be a good match for the existing team.

Increase your retention rates

The cost of hiring new employees is considerable, so making sure you retain your new hires is vitally important. Employees that are happy, confident and motivated tend to stay longer and they will be all these things if the cultural fit is right. Consequently, getting the fit right will dramatically increase your retention rate. The statistics are clear: 49 % of all hires leave within the first one and a half years and in nearly all cases ? a whopping 89% ? they decide to leave due to a bad cultural fit.

Save money ? and make money

Hiring someone costs about six to nine months? salary. As a good cultural fit improves your chances of keeping a new hire, checking the fit will save you from having to cough up several months? pay again within a year and a half. Moreover, people who fit in are more effective and more motivated to achieve your business goals. The resulting increase in productivity will have a positive effect on your earnings. In his research for his book Good to Great, Jim Collins found that companies, where employees are culturally aligned, are six times more profitable than others.

Talentoso works hard to ensure the candidates we put forward are a good match for the cultural profile our client organization has defined. We don?t only look at technical skills, important though these are. We also Skype call and interview candidates before we take them on or recommend them. We build trust by offering qualified candidates, who will blend seamlessly into your organization.

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