Why does Talentoso permanent only source in Brazil?

Why does Talentoso work only with Brazilians

Talentoso has chosen to specialize in introducing Brazilian IT talent to prospective employers for good reasons. Our experience shows that in general, they are positive, hard-working people and the results are positive, almost without exception. We find that Brazilian candidates are:

  • Easy to integrate
  • Focused
  • Dedicated
  • Great at solving problems
  • Good team members
  • Happy and polite.

On the whole, Brazilians choose to work with what they love ? they are passionate people!

Talentoso?s co-founder, Thais Silva da Punicena, is originally from Brazil and she tells of her experience in coming to live and work in Europe.

Sometimes people question why I left Brazil, why did I leave the sunny weather to live in the cold and so many answers comes into my head but the first question I ask is:

“Would you swap the cold weather where you live for a sunny day at a paradise island?”
The YES answer always comes with a smile. And I explain that I feel the same. That the snow, wearing winter clothes and the prospect of drinking a hot chocolate at the end of the day makes me happier than being on the beach on my bikini!

Brazilians are famous for their happiness, reliability, and commitment. We have a famous saying in Brazil:

We are Brazilians and we never give up.

Often the first question our clients ask is whether the qualifications and experience that Brazilian candidates offer are broadly comparable with European candidates. We?re happy to reassure them that Brazilian education and exam standards are just as high ? if not exceeding ? what they are used to seeing. Brazilian employers are just as demanding, so every student works hard to achieve and get a good job at the end of their education.

?I must say that Brazilians are really good at integrating and adapting. We are raised to find our happiness in the smallest things. You are unlikely to find a Brazilian employee looking downhearted or unhappy ? we?re much more likely to be enjoying our team?s achievements or praising our colleagues? work. Yes, we ask questions when we don?t know something ? but you will seldom have to tell us twice. We?re also great at nurturing new talent, whether that?s another Brazilian or a junior recruit from the locality. After all, we have made the change ourselves, so we know how to bring out the best in others.

The opportunity to visit many countries and learn about other cultures is very tempting for Brazilians because we love to socialize. We keep up our Brazilian traditions, such as Carnival, but we also make the effort to learn more about our new friends and neighbors, to join in their celebrations and be the life and soul of the party in our free time.

There are economic benefits for us, as Brazilians, too. We don?t look at a move from Brazil as an opportunity to get rich quickly but the financial aspect is appealing. More importantly, we?re very concerned to provide our employers with value for money.

We hope you enjoy reading a quick explanation about why Talentoso chooses to work exclusively with Brazilians. If you?d like to learn more about how we work, including our selection and testing procedures, please take a look at ?Why Talentoso uses the IKM assessment?.

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