5 reasons it?s hard to find IT Talent in Europe

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Employers often dread the whole process of recruitment, believing it to be difficult and costly, though necessary and therefore inevitable. Are they right? Yes ? and no. Here are five reasons some employers struggle to find IT talent in Europe.

Too much demand for skilled workers

In a competitive market, candidates can afford to be choosy about which jobs they apply for and which offers they accept. Making your job advert attractive is one step that can be taken to address this but if you?re not walking the walk, as well as talking the talk, your bright, well-qualified potential recruit will soon realize ? and walk away. Equally, you will quite rightly be looking for prospective employers who are team players with an outlook that fits your company ethos, not just technically skilled candidates, which makes things harder. It?s important to define these and assess against both skills and cultural fit when searching.

The talent isn?t looking right now

Unless you?re offering something special, in terms of compensation or an exciting and challenging project, candidates really don?t have to try too hard. It?s unlikely they are actively seeking out job ads because their inbox will be full of spam from recruiters and they are just done with recruiters. So all the online tools, job apps and recruitment forums in the world won?t guarantee that new talent is searching for your job vacancy. This is where you ? or your recruiter ? really need to adopt a ?pull? strategy, to make you stand out from the crowd, both with the package you offer and your approach to finding the awesome talent you need.

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

Smaller companies struggle against larger competitors

A large proportion of any company?s outgoings is spent on salaries. IT is a sector where pay expectations are higher than the norm and smaller businesses or start-ups can find it hard to justify increasing the wage bill. The ?big boys?, however, can much more easily find the marketing and recruitment budget needed and so they outcompete smaller companies. The ?battle of the fittest? is particularly acute when it comes to recruiting for more senior positions. This is compounded by the glamour of larger companies, with their expensive, up-to-date facilities and the perks they are able to offer employees. By being innovative and exploring new avenues, all companies can attract the sort of talent they need.

You?re not looking for talent in the right places

The world of IT, more than most sectors, moves forward at a rate. Companies must innovate in the systems they use, as with other aspects of their business, and they tend to find that developers with the latest skills are rapidly snapped up. How should they address this problem? One way is so stunningly simple that not many people have thought of it ? look elsewhere. While skilled, English-speaking IT workers are often welcome, many companies don?t actively seek them out. By limiting your selection to a small pool of local workers, you?re restricting your ability to recruit suitable staff. Talentoso is able to access the cream of Brazilian developers ? a unique, untapped stream of talent, ready and willing to step into this skills gap.

You?re not using the right recruiter

There are those recruiters who have been in the game for many years; there are others who offer cheap deals; still, others claim to have head-hunted the top selection of IT developers for clients in the past. What they lack is IT literacy. You really need a recruiter that offers that rare combination; insight into human resources and recruiting, plus years of hands-on experience in the world of IT. This combination allows Talentoso to source, engage with and sign-up developers that other agencies wouldn?t find. Might we be able to help you? Get in touch.

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