Hiring abroad: It?s not only about the candidate

React Developer and recruiter

It?s also about the recruiter

How do you ensure the IT recruiter you?re dealing with is going to offer a quality service when you?re recruiting from abroad?

Recruiting suitable IT staff is a tricky proposition at the best of times and many companies turn to professional recruitment agencies to help them, expecting certain standards and value for money. When you add a layer of complexity by recruiting from abroad, you really need to be sure that the recruiter you work with knows how best to help you.

In practice, there?s nothing to stop anyone from setting up and offering a service but the trick is to know who has the knowledge and experience to help your organization and match your needs. Ideally, an IT recruiter should:

  • Be reliable and take time to learn the requirements of your company, both in terms of the required skills and the culture of the organization to ensure the candidates they propose will be the best fit possible and immediately feel ?at home? when they start work as a part of the team.
  • Offer commitment to ensuring you?re content at the end of the process, not just placing a candidate and waving goodbye.
  • Have in place a ?no cure, no pay? policy, which guarantees satisfaction if no suitable candidate can be found. This is the mark of a committed agency, with your best interests at heart.
  • Be IT literate, having a thorough knowledge of current IT languages, qualifications, and skills, and be able to assess candidates abilities against quality standards. After all, how can you judge a person?s suitability for a job, if you don?t understand what they will be asked to do and whether they will be able to do it?
  • Be thoroughly knowledgeable about the home country of the candidates they propose, preferably being able to interview them in their home language in addition to the languages used in the workplace, such as English, French, German or Dutch.
  • Be thoroughly conversant with the employment market in both countries, enabling them to highlight the benefits of a move, for example from Brazil to Europe.
  • Know that hiring from abroad means moving, not just the new employee, but also possibly their partner and children. The best recruiter will provide practical advice and support, which can make all the difference in ensuring they settle happily.

One final thing to note is that hiring someone abroad isn?t something you, as an employer, can delegate entirely to a recruiter. The process also needs your commitment throughout the process. Good communication skills are needed to make things work. For example, once candidates have been proposed, it gives a much better impression if you review and respond to their application quickly, rather than keeping them waiting. If there was doubt in their minds about re-locating across continents, it is only going to be magnified by the delay ? and the candidate you wanted to attract might just take their skills elsewhere!

Luckily, we understand the pressures on both parties and are happy to smooth the way to a successful outcome for everyone.

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