Why Talentoso uses the IKM assessments

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Hiring your new employee takes time and money, so naturally, you want to get it right from the start. Although the applicant?s CV might show a list of the right skills, how can you be certain that the person has mastered those skills? The answer is to thoroughly test their technical skills (separately from a soft skills assessment). Having applicants take a skill or knowledge test greatly reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person. At Talentoso, we use the IKM method and software to assess the candidate?s capabilities and make sure you hire the best possible person for the job. There?s impressive feedback from candidates who have undergone IKM testing:

This test forced me to think and analyse, not just write down what I?ve recited or remembered.

Accurate and detailed results

The accuracy and depth of IKM assessments is the most important reason for using them. Instead of going for the usual linear approach, which simply requires Yes/No answers, IKM assessments are weighted and adaptive. Allow us to explain.

Based on the correctness of the answers submitted by the candidate, the subsequent questions that are presented will be easier or more difficult, hence adaptive. The assessment is also weighted; harder questions earn more marks and partially correct answers earn lower marks. By having candidates tackle questions of varying difficulty, you get a more accurate picture of their skill level. Differentiation becomes easier too; if two people know all the answers to the intermediate questions, but only one of them is able to solve the harder ones, that candidate stands out as the better choice from a technical perspective.

To chart the strengths and weaknesses of candidates, the IKM assessment uses 12 to 18 subtopics within each questionnaire. The level of difficulty of the questions within each subtopic is solely determined by the answers given within that subtopic. Each category receives a separate score, so if a candidate scores well in one area and less well in another, it is easy to see where they shine and where they need more work.


No company or job is the same, so using the same test every time doesn?t work. We will ensure that the IKM assessments we use are fully adapted to your needs. Want to add questions to test the specific skills required of employees in your organization or the required profile? No problem. Want to change the structure of an existing test or include elements from another one? Consider it done.

Powerful reporting

Gathering accurate and detailed information would be pointless if we couldn?t present it to you in a comprehensive and clear-cut way. The reporting tools included in the IKM software help us to compile a candidate proficiency profile that?s easy to read and interpret. This profile includes their knowledge level, work speed, application ability and more. In addition, the tool gives each applicant a percentile score, which allows for easy benchmarking against the entire test-taking population. Further, the reporting indicates when a candidate is a good choice for specific skill areas and less well suited to other areas of work where their performance has been assessed as weaker.


If candidates cheat on their tests, the chances of your hiring the wrong person would soar. You need to be sure that the assessment is rigorous and that the candidate you?re interested in has the skills you require. Good testing software should include features to prevent fraud and that?s another reason why we use IKM. A quick comparison with other assessment tools confirms this: IKM has the most security measures in place. From IP address and back button monitoring to checking for erratic answering, you can rest assured that the software will flag up potential cheating. On top of that, the adaptive design of the questionnaires prevents the questions from being shared easily, as not all the participants will see all the possible questions, so it is very unlikely that candidates will have seen the answers in advance of taking the test.

Talentoso provides the best IT candidates ? check!

Talentoso?s reputation is built on ensuring that we help our clients to recruit the very best people. We do this by using the right tools for the job. By using cutting-edge testing and assessment techniques, you can be certain the candidates you hear about from us are the best technical fit for your organization. The information we gather about your candidates is securely stored and can be made available in the future. The same assessment methods can also be used to test employee aptitude for specific projects or identify skills gaps within your workforce.

Do you have questions about IKM testing and Talentoso?s IT recruitment process? Please feel free to get in touch to learn more and to discuss recruitment assessment or tailor-made testing for your organization.

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