Why today is the moment to hire abroad

Why today is the moment to hire abroad

Let’s take a fresh look at how you do things, open yourself and your organization up to new possibilities and new ways of solving problems. Luckily, it often coincides with the end of the old financial year (money still in the budget to be spent) and the beginning of the new (a whole year’s worth of recruitment budget at your disposal).

You might be hiring because your company needs to grow, to bring in particular skills, or to replace colleagues who are moving on. No doubt finding the right talent on the local market can be a struggle, so it’s time to extend your horizons ? in more ways than one!

Time for a new recruitment strategy

If the local talent pool can’t match your skills requirements, why not think about recruiting from abroad? If you aren’t at least considering this strategy, you might be missing out on the best candidates.

Hiring from overseas can seem scary, but with the right guidance, recruiting outside the EU can be straightforward. We’re here to tell you that, in our experience, it is worth pursuing the best candidate for your business, and that often means looking to countries outside the EU.

Hiring Brazilian developers

As part of your hiring strategy, it makes perfect sense to think about recruiting overseas, intending to bring on board talent that is already experienced and highly skilled. You can have them working within your business, adding value, in less time than it would take to train up a local, less-skilled individual. Brazil, in particular, offers a pool of talented candidates, keen to work in the EU. They will provide equal or better skills and qualifications as the standards of education in Brazil are already high. Recruiting developers that can work effectively and efficiently from day one in your business makes good financial sense.

What are IT developers candidates looking for?

Recruiting IT developers from countries like Brazil isn’t a cheap option. While you’re looking for quality candidates, they, in turn, will be comparing what you offer with other possibilities. You’ll need to be offering a competitive salary to attract the best candidates. After all, other IT companies are also keen to get these candidates into their workforce! You’ll have to demonstrate that your package is worthwhile, especially for experienced developers who will be relocating from Brazil and possibly bringing dependent families. Make sure your advertising states clearly:

  • ?????The primary duties and responsibilities of the vacant post
  • ?????The skills that are required
  • ?????Any experience and qualifications you’re looking for and
  • ?????An indication of the salary on offer.

Think of this package as an investment in obtaining the most skilled individuals to join your team. If you make the offer sufficiently tempting, the next task is to facilitate the application process. It’s essential to ensure the candidate isn’t put off by the need to fill in forms. If it’s the first time you’ve recruited from abroad, you might also need assistance (which is where Talentoso can help).

Talentoso offers a helping hand to recruit from overseas

Once the decision is final that hiring from overseas will benefit your organization, it’s in your interests to ensure that the candidate has all the support you can offer when applying. If you’ve never done this before, you might appreciate some help. Talentoso’s consultants can guide you through the whole process to increase your chances of successfully hiring your new talent. Working with us allows you to tap into our knowledge of the entire process, saving you time and money.

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