Will the real IT recruiter please stand up?

Recruiters have the noble task of matching talents and companies

Recruiters have the noble task of matching talents and companies. In the increasingly complex IT world, that is not a simple task. Still, more and more people venture into IT recruiting, even recruiters with no IT knowledge. The result? Frustrated talent and frustrated companies. Will the real IT recruiter please stand up now?

We probably don?t have to tell you that IT talents are the new gold. Companies today are reaching deep into their pockets in their search to employ this rate commodity. This opportunity is clearly understood by a new army of generalist recruiters, who would like to get a piece of the pie in this quest for talent. From the perspective of a specialist IT recruiter, Talentoso has to tell you that this is not in your best interests.

We believe that companies will pay the price. Recruiters with no IT knowledge often make their customers embark on a long, hard and costly journey to recruit the appropriate talent. A lack of knowledge about the market in IT recruitment is the cause of inefficiency and a lot of frustration. In addition, the IT talent will be frustrated because the recruitment process doesn?t consider their specific skills and so they?re not matched with jobs that fulfill their ambitions.

An analogy: cars and IT experts

Recruiting an IT expert is a bit like buying a car; a Volkswagen Beetle will especially appeal to the nostalgic whereas an SUV is typically something for those seeking comfort or adventure. Both are cars that will get you from A to B, but they appeal to very different users.

In the same way, two IT experts are not always the same. A big data specialist will not necessarily be an expert in security, cloud technologies or user interfaces. And a Java specialist is definitely not the same as a JavaScript specialist. Can we expect a generalist recruiter to know the difference?

IT and strategy

And yet, knowing that difference is so important. Because IT is evolving increasingly from a supportive to a strategic discipline and therefore it has an increasing impact on business operations. Take user interfaces, for example, a discipline that used to be regarded as merely cosmetic has now has become the determining factor in why people choose a product.

We also see that IT is interfacing more and more with other disciplines. Today, IT budgets to determine the direction of marketing, sales and customer service. That?s why companies just cannot afford to recruit the wrong IT candidates.

It takes one to know one

If we really want to address our IT professionals? talents, we have to involve people with IT knowledge. We need specialists who have done their research into the needs of the IT workforce. A recruiter who is at home in IT will find the right candidate faster and more efficiently. An IT recruiter is, in other words, the way to less frustration for both candidates and companies.

Generalists have their place in the HR world. They have a broad view of the labor market and sometimes they see opportunities for candidates that are not always clear at first sight. But in the IT market, they often do more harm than good. High time for the real IT recruiter to stand up.

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