UX vs UI: what?s in a name?

UX vs UI: what?s in a name?

What does UX and UI mean, and what?s their difference? It?s a question asked on a regular base by our customers and business stakeholders. Here?s some more info:

In short, UI (User Interface Design) is how things look while UX (User Experience Design) is how things work. UI is, in fact, a part of UX. People often mistake ?design? for the UI part only: making things pretty and lovable with nice colors and typography. But user experience goes much further than this… Let?s dive a bit deeper into that!

User experience design is about creating smooth and enjoyable experiences for your product or system. To reach this goal, we have to take a look at different disciplines within the UX spectrum:

  • User research
    Understand the people who use a product or system. Why are they using it? In what environment? What issues do they encounter?
  • Information Architecture
    Organizing information in a purposeful and meaningful way. Make it easy for people to find the content they?re looking for in a quick and easy way.
  • Interaction Design
    Designing interactive behaviors. How will users interact and make use of the product or system? And how to optimize this?
  • Usability
    How efficient, effective and satisfying can a user reach specified goals in a certain context? We look at things like consistency, value for effort, error handling, ease of learning…
  • Accessibility
    How easy is the product or system to access taking personal abilities and device properties into account? For example, is there a mobile-friendly version of a website available?
  • Visual design
    The UI part. How aesthetically pleasing is it?
  • Content
    How useful and usable is the content?

When we have a good understanding of these topics, we are able to design a great experience for our end-users. However, the work is never done and we must monitor the usage of the product or service with the help of analytics, A/B testing… for continuous improvements.

To experience a website with good UI but bad UX, try the online game User Inyerface and discover how important it is to spend attention to the topics above. User Experience is indeed a lot more than only UI!

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